Monday, 26 November 2012

SEO: Off-Page Optimization

SEO: Off-Page Optimization: Today Global SEO Institute is discussing about Off-Page Optimization. Off-page SEO is definitely more challenging that on-page SEO. Offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about creating great content and acquiring quality inbound keyword links from other websites. It is best to get links from high ranking websites and web pages, but internal repeating links within your own website also count. Keep in mind that search engines are cracking down on spam, content farms, and other shady practices, so keep it clean, and you won't be penalized for your SEO efforts. Here's How You Can Improve Off-Page SEO:
Create and share engaging video content to attract more visitors.
Create a blog and be active in forum discussions in the area of your business.
Submit articles to carefully selected online directories for syndication, making sure your content contains several keyword links back to your other content pages. Don't submit to just any article site, as some are considered "spammy" and links from them will not help you.
Connect with other complimentary businesses and arrange to do a profile of one another as an exchange. Do not simply exchange links with any random site, as this practice is frowned upon and is not effective.
Cross-reference related items between individual product pages (include accessories or similar products). This creates healthy internal links.
Go social! Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to get links from existing customers.
Issue press releases and PR briefs about product launches, events and promotional offers regularly.

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